Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The government has power; it does not have rights. Only people have rights.

This post will be short because the title above is self-evident enough for anyone who really understands the Constitution and our social contract. Basically, the title is another way to explain the concept of limited government. "Limited government" is not synonymous with "small government." It's meaning is more precise than that. It means that government can wield power only through public, written laws. In a democracy, government power is granted by free people, people who have inalienable rights. It is therefore deadly serious that our media and our society use the words "power" and "rights" correctly. When a government official uses the term "we reserve the right to do X", lawmakers and the media need to correct that official. Relatedly, when a government official says, "all options are on the table.", we need to know exactly which powers are being referenced by such a statement. What prompted me to write this was this article by Glenn Greenwald. Sometimes government officials "reserve the right" to commit truly monstrous acts, like assassinating people outside a theatre of war and with no due process.

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