Sunday, December 27, 2009

Imagine all the people, blogging anonymously

Had an interesting conversation today about this blog post in Tiny Revolution. An anonymous blogger named Thorstein Veblen clearly got under the skin of one Greg Mankiw, a conservative economic bigwig at Harvard. For this, Thorstein has earned my eternal loyalty. BUT, I thought, can one truly be loyal to Anon? (Probably not. Anon would laugh at you.)

My interesting conversation was about the nature of democracy-- specifically, democratic discourse. I imagine an America where anonymous bloggers are not described as insolent, ignorant cowards, but as ordinary people who feel they need to protect themselves or as carriers of ideas whose owners are irrelevant. In other words, I imagine an America where people and their egos are not only anonymous, but for all intents and purposes, invisible. Imagine an America with no leaders -- no Bushes, no Clintons, no Obamas -- only pure ideas undiluted by prejudice, jealousy or grandeur. I am talking about a pure democracy. My partner in conversation replied, "So, you want a parliamentary system? Where the party is elected first, then the executive emerges from within the party?" I said, "Hmm. Yeah, I suppose that gets us halfway there."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome now to my blog.

This is Tiger Wood's Penis, the blog. It will be full of win (unlike, the domain I tried to snag in lieu of "tigerwoodspenis"). If you are reading this blog from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away in a futile effort to understand the human species, then you are in luck. Tiger Wood's Penis knows all and understands all because it has been around the block a few times. Tiger Wood's Penis, like ancient Alexandria, will accumulate much of the collective knowledge of the known universe, eventually.

The name of this blog is, at most, of tertiary concern to readers. Tiger Wood's Penis caused quite a scandal in late November - early December 2009 A.D. because it was revealed that it had been involved in copious extramarital sex. Tiger Wood's Penis is not unlike most human penises, but what intensified the scandal was the revelation that it was in fact attached to one Eldrick Tont "TigerWoods, a famous golf player (golf - an individual sport in which players swing clubs at dimpled white balls, attempting to sink such balls into a small hole in the fewest number of swings). Ironically, Tiger Wood's Penis saved its owner from prostituting himself any further when he lost his corporate sponsorships.